Apollo Lunar Surface Experiment Package (ALSEP)
Cold Cathode Gauge Experiment (CCGE)
(See also Cold Cathode Ion Gauge)

Closeup of the Apollo 13 CCGE, with cable reel in foreground.

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Above:  Three views of CCGE system: front, rear, and top.  Note ribbon cable in center and right images.  Also note the red "E" in right image, indicating which direction to point the instrument, and the bubble level at the base of the instrument at bottom of picture.

Left: ALSEP array deployment diagram, showing CCGE at lower left
Other experiments that would have flown in this array were the Heat Flow Experiment, Passive Seismic Experiment, and the Charged Particle Lunar Environment Experiment
Center left: ALSEP pallet diagram, showing CCGE bottom center
Center right:  Detailed diagram of the experiment
Right - Jim Lovell practicing deployment of the ALSEP Central Station.  The CCGE can be seen in the background, at the end of the ribbon cable coming from the Central Station. (photo courtesy Kipp Teague's Project Apollo Archive)

Apollo Experiment Number: Unknown

Apollo Missions: 13

Wt: ~ 15 lbs.

Dim: 13 X 13 X 4.5"

    This ALSEP experiment was flown on Apollos 12, 14, & 15 as the Cold Cathode Ion Gauge, which was connected to the Superthermal Ion Detector as a subpackage.  Please click here for info on the experiment itself.  In the configuration shown on this page, it was a stand alone experiment, connected directly to the Central Station.
As shown here, this experiment flew on the ill-fated mission of Apollo 13, and was never deployed on the lunar surface.  Because of this, it was almost forgotten as one of the ALSEP components.

Note - I struggled for a very long time to verify whether or not this
experiment actually flew on board LM-7 Aquarius on Apollo 13.
A recent note I received reads as follows:

"I have just checked the "final as flown " stowage list of
the AP13 mission.
On page 55 (LM Launch Stowage List)
Item number: G 4001.3   part number: 2338549
Stowage location: Pallet Assy No 1"

Here's the proof!!!!!!

Many Thanks to Mr. Mike Smithwick, who supplied all of the photos and size data on this instrument

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