Project Apollo
Extravehicular Mobility Unit (EMU)
Bubble Helmet
and Comm Carrier

Pressure Helmet Assembly
(Bubble helmet)
Jim Lovell in his 
bubble helmet 
before Apollo 13 
Diagram showing 
structure of helmet 
and head rest
Helmet structures Helmet structures A7LB Neck 
ring assembly for 
CMP (top) and 
CDR/LMP (bottom)  
Left image courtesy Kipp Teague's Project Apollo Archive
Left-Front-Right-Rear-Bottom views
Note center image shows white circular feed port.  Fourth image shows back of head rest, which acted as a manifold to route oxygen around inside the helmet.
Above 5 photos courtesy of Mr. Gary Kitmacher

Comm Carrier
"Snoopy Cap"

Apollo 17 crewmen hamming it up aboard CSM "America"
Comm Cap Diagram Side View Back view Chin Strap, Electrical 
Connector, & Mics
Ear Phone Assembly Comm Cap 
& EMU Electrical

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